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Father's Day and What It Means To Me

Father's Day and What It Means To Me

Curated Father's Day Gift Box

We're heading out of Springtime here in Colorado and it's been a bit chilly in April and May this year. Lots of moisture is helping our growing season to be off to a great start though!! As a professional chef for almost 3 decades now, I have learned to love this time of year for several different reasons. I truly enjoy the bounty of Spring vegetables including English Peas, Radishes, Carrots, Ramps, Spring Onions, Rhubarb, Morel Mushrooms, and more. We have a garden at our home and a lot of these delicious items pop up for us in April, May and June, which makes cooking at home a lot of fun!

Additionally, my wife is a teacher, and the school year always finishes by Memorial Day weekend, so we get to spend a lot more time together as a family with our two boys. Now, being a father, husband, and business owner can also get complicated this time of year as they have all of the free time in the world for 10 weeks, and I have my business to operate. But we seem to always enjoy ourselves to the fullest each spring and summer, and they understand that I do have responsibilities and work to stay on top of even though they are in "Summertime" mode.

I never had any idea what joy being a Dad would bring to myself before I became one, but it's literally the best job in the world! So, each year as my wife and kids start their break and are in "Summertime" mode, I realize that the special day of Father's Day is right around the corner. Special to me because I am a Dad, but also very special to me because my parents now reside in Colorado not too far from us which allows to spend time together a fair amount and to gather on special days like Father's Day.

Getting to see the joy on their faces as grandparents is second to none, and I truly cherish the moments that we continue to share together as a family. My Dad will turn 81 later this month and trying to get a fun and unique gift for your 81-year-old father can be challenging to say the least, as he claims that he has everything that he could ever want in life. But he does like spicy food, and rarely gets to enjoy it with my Mom because she does not. We have been able to sneak out for a few lunches in the past year where he's gotten to indulge in Mexican or Asian cuisine, which I think is a real treat for him.

But this year, I believe that I will surprise him with one of our new il porcellino salumi Curated Father's Day Gift Boxes, which features 4 of our Spicier Salumi. I'm sure that it will be a great surprise to him coming from the owner, his son!

But I believe that my point of this rambling blog post is this. Treat your Dad to something special this year on Father's Day, like one of our gift boxes. If you are a Dad yourself. ask your family for something delicious from il porcellino salumi. Don't settle for the low grade commercially processed garbage charcuterie that's on the market. Ask for the best and don't eat shitty meat! Only the truly hand crafted and artisanal charcuterie should do. Happy Spring and Happy Father's Day to all of the Dad's out there!!

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