Attention Valued Customers: Our Deli on Tennyson is Now Closed. You can still order our award winning Salumi from the online store or local farmer's markets in the greater Denver area.

Get Fresh Denver Products in a CSA Box from il porcellino salumi

Get Fresh Denver Products in a CSA Box from il porcellino salumi

The il porcellino salumi CSA gives you local and fresh products from the Denver area once a week. 

The CSA box provides you with organic produce, whole muscle meat, local products, and il porcellino salumi house-made meat treats. Every week you’ll have fresh ingredients to cook with and local food products like cheese and sauces from Denver businesses.

Subscription: Monthly. You receive a new CSA box once a week for 4 weeks.

Cost: $240 per month ($60 per week)

Renew: Every month. We contact you in the fourth week to confirm if you’d like to renew for the coming month.

Pickup Location: The il porcellino salumi deli, located right off Tennyson Street in Denver’s Berkeley neighborhood at 4324 W 41st Ave, Denver, CO 80212. We do not offer CSA box delivery.

How to Signup: Call us at 303-477-3206 Tu-Sun, 8 AM - 4 PM

A picture of products in a CSA box from il porcellino salumi which includes whole muscle meat, crackers, salami and more.


What Is A CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is a system that allows you to subscribe for locally harvested and produced goods directly from producers. 

CSA’s developed as a cropsharing (not sharecropping) model that allows consumers to share the risk of farming with the farmer. Consumers pay a monthly or seasonal fee to receive seasonal harvests from a farm or group of farms.

Today we see many different CSA models. Some pick all the products for you, while others allow you to customize your box. Some offer delivery while others are pickup only, and some are direct with farms while others use a hybrid model like us.

In our case, we source seasonal produce and local products so you can try new foods and support Denver small businesses. 

How We Source Our CSA Box Products

The il porcellino team and I use our love for great food to build exciting and new CSA boxes every week.

Most of the seasonal produce comes from local farms we’ve developed relationships with over the years. All of the fruits and vegetables we source are organic and locally grown. Also, because we can’t grow in Colorado year-round, we work with indoor growers like Infinite Harvest, who also supply microgreens and lettuce for our deli

The meat also comes from the local heritage breed farmers we work with for our salami and dry-cured products. These are the same beautiful in-house butcher cuts you see in our deli meat case.

Other products come from our personal experiences and new foods that we’ve tried. We constantly have our finger on the local food scene pulse to find new and exciting products.

What Can You Expect In A CSA Box?

You can generally expect two proteins (chicken, pork chops, sausage, etc.), local produce, and a grain like bread or crackers. The other products like cheese, sauces, chili paste, and more will change with each box. It depends on what we’ve tried recently or what pairs well with the rest of the box.

A picture of vegetables, meat, cheese and canned goods on a wood table.


We’ve had several customers tell us that we’ve turned them on to new food and businesses they would not have found otherwise. We love working with and supporting other local businesses in Denver.

In the past, we have included local produce and goods such as lettuce from Infinite Harvest, tomatoes from Rocky Mountain Fresh, asparagus from Kiowa Valley Organics, local bread from Raleigh Street Bakery and City Bakery, pies from the Colorado Cherry Company, pasta from Sfoglini Pasta Company, jams from PRiMO and Red Camper, crackers from Nita Crisp and Flouwer Crackers, cheese from Haystack Mountain and MouCo, dairy from Sawatch Artisan Foods and Ghost Rock Farm, and so much more.

We recently made the CSA Box all about tacos. We included a Mexican-style sausage and raw pork belly, with instructions on marinating it and cooking it properly. This box also had local salsa, hot sauce, tortillas, lettuce, cheese, crème fraîche, and more.

Out of Town or Can’t Make it This Week?

That’s fine! We know life isn’t a recurring schedule and that you can’t get your box every week. Just call us, and we’ll work with you. 

We hope you enjoy the fresh food and unique products!

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