Attention Valued Customers: Our Deli on Tennyson is Now Closed. You can still order our award winning Salumi from the online store.


il porcellino salumi's full-service delicatessen and butcher shop is where it all began in 2015. Located right off Tennyson Street in Denver's Berkley neighborhood, the store offers breakfast and lunch sandwiches, pre-made dinners, charcuterie platters, fresh butcher cuts, house-made sausage, and our award-winning cured meats.
Open Tuesday-Sunday, 8AM - 4PM
Two women ordering from Bill Miner in il porcellino salumi's deli. The two women stand at the ordering counter next two the glass meat case with the drying room and stove in the background.


We offer various specialty sandwiches and use all house-made ingredients, from cured and smoked meats to pickles and mustards. Food Network's #1 show: Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives with Guy Fieri featured our award-winning sandwiches in 2020!

A close up of two halves of a sandwich. One half is pictured from the side and the half displays it's cross section to show the meet and vegetable ingredients.
A colorful charcuterie board filled with meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits and a jar of jam in the front. The charcuterie board is on a wood table and a hand grabbing a piece of meat off the board enters the image from the right.

Charcuterie Platters

Platters showcase the best of our salami and dry-cured specialties. We offer three different sizes for all of your entertaining needs. Call us to reserve yours.

Whole Animal Butchery

Our deli offers a selection of fresh butcher cuts like steaks, pork chops, tenderloins, house-made sausages, and more. Our meat comes from ethically focused ranchers and farmers who raise heritage breed pork, pasture-raised chickens, and grass-fed beef. Call to find out what's in stock.

A picture of Bill Miner, who has long hair and is wearing a butchers apron, resting on a primal cut of a recently processed hog on a butcher table at his deli.
A bunch of cured meats stacked on top of each other on cutting boards and displayed to show their cross sections.

Cured Meats

From our award-winning salami to duck prosciutto and head cheese, we have it all. Give us a call to see what's in stock and peak into our research and development drying room when you stop by.

Veggies, Dressings & Condiments

We pickle, ferment, and create all our modified ingredients in-house, and you can purchase them in our store. The raw ingredients, bread, bagels, and crackers are the only things we source from local friends. We cook from scratch with love, heart, and extreme passion.

il porcellino salumi's deli refrigerator case with a different sauces, pickled vegetables, peanut butter and other house-made condiments.

Breakfast and lunch menu

Sandwiches - Soup - Salads and more.

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Catering Menu

Corporate and residential catering from 20 - 150.

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Choose from 3 different sizes.

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