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We offer award winning delicious sandwiches to dine in or carry out for breakfast and lunch, or for delivery to your office.

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The Sandwiches

At our deli on Tennyson, a variety of specialty sandwiches use all house-made ingredients, from cured and smoked meats, to pickles and mustards. We have been featured on Food Network's #1 show: Diners, Drive Ins and Dives with Guy Fieri in 2020!!!

The Platters

Party platters showcase the best of our salamis and dry-cured specialties. We offer three different sizes for all of your entertaining needs. Call us to reserve yours today!

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Whole Animal Butcher

Our deli offers a selection of fresh butcher cuts from local, ethically raised ranchers, such as heritage breed pork, pasture-raised chickens and grass-fed beef.

All of the animals that we utilize are raised locally, properly, and ethically on pasture, never give growth hormones or antibiotics, fed a non-gmo, non corn, non soy, vegetarian diet, and given a happy & healthy life.

It's Not All Pork

Beyond our pork specialties, we’ve got every taste covered – from duck prosciutto to wagyu beef bresaola, and locally raised beef butcher cuts to fresh chickens from Colorado.

There Are Veggies

We pickle and ferment all of our own vegetables, and they are available for you to take home with you. We make our own condiments and dressings. Everything is made in our house except for the bread and the bagels that we serve our sandwiches on. We cook from scratch with love, heart, and extreme passion. You won’t find cans of any kind in our shop. Everything that we do is thought out and has a purpose to creating the best quality finished product!

Our Shop Off Tennyson

Transparency is of the utmost importance to us, and our retail shop in Denver’s Berkeley neighborhood provides a window into all of our practices.

Everything we make is artisanal and handcrafted. It's a labor of love and we are very proud of what we do.